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  • Excellent degreaser (even in commercial and industrial applications)
  • Cleans bugs, tar and road grime
  • Leaves a smooth, shiny protection that water will bead off
  • Use on paint, chrome, plastic and glass
  • 12 ounce bottle treats 3 to 4 vehicles
  • Won’t scratch the paint
  • Cleans and adds protection to the surface
  • No Silicon added or harmful chemicals
  • Encapsulates dirt particles for easy wipe off
  • Comes with Microfiber Towel

Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT)


FreezPoint™ helps preserve diesel engines and make the most of your diesel fuel dollar by lowering the pour point of distillate fuels approximately 10°F to 20°F, depending on the concentration. It pours and dissolves easily, even in severe cold. FreezPoint™ is ultra low sulfer diesel compliant and proven to be effective in biodiesel blends to B-20. FOR DIESEL FUEL ONLY.

Durashield HD

  • Keeps engines clean
  • Removes harmful engine deposits
  • Lubricates pistons, pumps, & injectors
  • Creates a longer, better burn of the fuel
  • Less wasted fuel out the exhaust
  • Less particulate emissions out exhaust
  • Keeps stored fuel good for years
  • Prevents and reverses sludge build-up
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Keeps water from forming in fuel 

XFT is a break-through product, which produces results in four key categories:

  • Saves money on fuel
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Reduces emissions
  • Increases horsepower

XFT is effective in ALL Diesel and Gasoline engines. Large or small, at home or at work.

Unlike other wax-based windshield products, our premium DuraShield HD Windshield Protection formula actually binds with glass at the molecular level, giving you:

  • 10X the strength of untreated glass
  • Increased visibility – hi-definition driving, even at night
  • Safety – Improved response time by up to 1 full second
  • Less mess to clean (bugs, rain, snow, debris, mud, even ice won’t stick like normal glass).
  • Easy re-sealing with DuraShield HD Refresh – the only resealing product of it’s kind.
  • Won’t peel, cloud, or melt in the sun


EcoMist™ Waterless Car Wash is an excellent way to clean and protect your vehicles inside and out without scratching the paint and without the use of water. This unique formula encapsulates dirt particles for easy wipe off with a soft rag, leaving a glossy, smooth, and water-beaded coating that also protects the surface of your vehicle. It’s a great, all-purpose degreaser, as well as a powerhouse cleaner for bugs, tar, dirt, and road grime