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Automotive window tint

Tint My Ride also specializes in tinting glass windows of houses and commercial or government buildings. Add some flair to your home or office with Tint My Ride's line of window films. Whether your purpose is privacy, style or both, their window films have you covered.

Below are the benefits you will get when you tint the windows in your house or office. 

Windows account for significant heat gain. Window films reduce heat at the point of entry by blocking up to 79% of the sun's energy, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment.

Specially designed for low reflectivity, many window films help enhance a natural view and can significantly reduce both day and night time glare.

Window films effectively help reduce fading by blocking 99% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. This helps protect valuable items including store merchandise, furniture, flooring and window treatments.

Window tint can help hold shattered glass together, preventing injury in the case of an accident or break-in.

Unlike some of the more traditional window treatments such as blinds or screens, window films provide privacy and increased comfort in your home without altering your view. Several of the films that Tint My Ride uses can also help to enhance the look of any residential or commercial building.

Excessive solar heat passing through your windows can account for a significant portion of your summer cooling bill. Window tint aid in energy savings by cutting heat gain, reducing hot spots and increasing overall comfort in your home or office building.

Tint My Ride can also tint your vehicle's headlights, tail lights, or fog lights. There are different colors to choose from: light smoke, dark smoke, red, yellow, blue, pink, green and orange.

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For residential or commercial tint, please contact us to get a free quote.

There are many reasons to tint your vehicle, including protection from harmful rays, safety and privacy. Window film can even help protect the investment in your car. Listed below are the top seven reasons why most people tint their car’s windows.

1.      Driving comfort and energy savings.
Window film is designed to reject and absorb the solar energy that heats up the inside of your car. Your car can be up to 60% cooler during hot summer days with the right window film. This reduces the need to use your air conditioning, thus lowering the load on an engine and improving miles per gallon.

2.      Protection from ultraviolet radiation.
Window film blocks up to 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun that can cause skin cancer. Research shows that sun exposure in the car is particularly harmful because most of us don’t apply sunscreen.

3.      Safer driving.
Window film reduces the glare from the sun, snow and headlights, which can increase visibility to make driving safer.

4.      Shatter protection.
Window film helps hold glass together when shattered preventing dangerous shards from harming vehicle occupants in the event of accident.

5.      Enhanced privacy and security.
Tinting your vehicle can increase privacy and even help prevent theft by reducing the outside view of possessions inside the car. Window film is also far less expensive than privacy glass.

6.      Protecting your investment.
The combination of heat rejection and UV protection can prevent sun damage to your car's interior, protecting upholstery and vinyl from cracking and fading, maintaining the interior of your car longer.

7.      Customize your car’s look.
Window film can give your car a customized sleek look. Since window film comes in a variety of shades and colors, you can customize your car with the appearance you desire while gaining all the other benefits.

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Residential and commercial window tint

Tint My Ride can install tint on basically anything that requires tinting - on motorcycles, snow mobiles, RV's (recreational vehicles), boats, ships, aircraft etc.  

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